Learning is an essential part of human beings. Research has suggested that effective learning is dependent on a number of factors one of which is learning framework. A framework provides a detailed guideline, identifies each steps of learning process, establishes critical criteria and ensures efficient feedback channel. The importance of a framework in skill based learning, Driving for example, is no less than that of others.

According to Monash Transport Safety Research Center, major reasons for accident of P-Plate holders are their lack of experience of driving in diverse situations. It is also suggested that this crash rate can significantly be reduced by proper application of learning framework.

Taking this into account, Your Local Driving Academy, from its very inception, has invested a significant amount of resources to codify the knowledge and experience of driving and put it into a formal structure. We have developed a comprehensive learning curriculum which is divided into number of lessons. In each lesson we outlined objective, set outcome, identified critical points/criteria to go to nest lesson, and explained the detailed process to compete it.

Our experience of implementing STRUCTURAL PATHWAYS© tells us that whoever follows this, it will turned him into a safe driver. Our methodology of learning framework put emphasis on safety driving rather than passing drive test.

To conclude, we envision to spread our STRUCTURAL PATHWAYS© to all over Australia.