Just Beginner:

Don’t Worry, You are in right place. Let us help you HOW TO DRIVE.

Aim: Objective of these Driving Lessons is to prepare the novice learners DRIVE SAFE with their parents/partners.

Package Includes:

  • Brake and Acceleration control
  • Basic FOUR types of Turnings
  • Ultimate Steering Control
  • Multiple lane roundabouts

Number of Lessons required: 6, each lesson is 45 minutes


Outcome: Even you never drive in your life, we ensure your basic driving.

Price: Total Price $ 240 (Save $ 12)



Still Nervous! You do not need to be worried. We will help removing your nervousness.

Aim: Confidence Building

Package Includes:

  • All types of Parking and low speed maneuver
  • Slip lane positioning
  • Lateral positioning
  • Pick hour driving
  • Multiple lane turning and lane changing
  • Observation Improvements
  • Lane merging

No of lessons required: 5, each lesson is 45 minutes.


Outcome: Learners will be able to demonstrate high level of car control and safety driving.

Price: Total Price $ 200 (Save $ 10)



Near to complete your Log Book! Let us prepare you for independent driving

Aim: Driving car safely and independently

Package Includes

  • High level of observation and scanning
  • Safety tips
  • Pressure driving
  • Highway right turning
  • Freeway Entry and exit
  • Night Driving
  • Driving in multiple weather conditions

No of lessons: 5, each lesson is 45 minutes


Outcome: Learners will be ready for VicRoads test

Price: $ 200 (Save $ 10)



TOUCH & PASS driving lesson is the last step of structured pathway for becoming a solo driver. Our instructor will train you VicRoads Rules, Test Routes, and ultimate Test Tips throughout this package, which will guarantee your first time pass in drive test

Aim: Final Touch to Pass Drive test.

Package Includes

  • Test routes and test rules
  • Analysis of Critical Errors
  • Analysis of Immediate Termination
  • Testing Assessment Criteria
  • SPECIAL Tips

Five 45 minutes Lessons + Vehicle for ONE VicRaods Test


Outcome- First time pass in drive test

Price: Total Price $ 320 (Save $ 20)