Skip these parking mistakes to avoid penalties!

If you think you can drive your car at around 100 kilometers per hour speed and overtake quite a few huge vehicles – and that makes you a great driver, then think again! Just driving and speeding isn’t all that driving is limited to! Driving a car goes far beyond this, and proper parking knowledge is one of the factors that comprise a good driving skill. But sadly, most of the time, proper parking knowledge is the most ignored part of your driving skill.

If you went to a good driving school, they would have taught you about the importance of proper parking. And if you haven’t learned the same in your driving school, then maybe you have lots to learn in order to make you a complete driver.

Some parking mistakes that can cost you a huge fine and should be avoided at all costs!

Most of the time when you are parking wrongly, you bear a scratch or dent in your car. And many times, it’s a few dollars fine from the officials. That’s why you better research better about the parking rules to follow to avoid any kind of penalization later. Also, look out for the best driving school near me to brush up on your driving know-how. Otherwise, you may be making the following parking mistakes (which should be avoided at all costs):

  • Parking on the wrong side of the road — If your road goes on both sides, there’s always a sign specifying as to which side you should park your car. And mostly it’s on the right side of such a road. And if in case you are parking on the wrong side, you are sure to get some punishment due to it.
  • Choosing a very small place — Trying to press in a very small parking place is again a big mistake. Even though you won’t be penalized, you could still get trapped badly within the cramped space and other cars can damage your vehicle. Instead, if you are choosing a bigger space, your car fits inconveniently and doesn’t cause any harm to any other vehicle as well.
  • Parking on the pedestrian way — A driving lesson in Dandenong, from Your Local Driving Academy, that has experienced teachers to guide you, always teaches you to park your car away from the pedestrian way. If there’s a space reserved for the pedestrian, you cannot park your car there. You’ll be severely fined or punished because of this mistake. It’s therefore always better to park only in the space limited to car parking.
  • Double parking your car — Double parking is clear trouble. If you park your car beside another car and clutter the area, you aren’t just causing lots of inconveniences, but you are even doing something that’s against the law. Be prepared to get penalized!
  • Incorrect car position — Positioning your car in the wrong direction is also a grave mistake that leads to lots of issues later. You can be trapped when taking your car out of this space. Ensure that when you park your car, you are paying proper attention to your position and placement of your car.

If you are being careful about these parking mistakes, you’re sure to keep your car safer for longer and stay free of any penalization and punishment.

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