Driving School Narre Warren

Did you just get old enough for acquiring your driver’s license? Or just realised that it’s been time since you got eligible and now you must prepare for it?

Well, in both cases, the hassles of starting off can get you in sweat. The pain of trying to coordinate between acceleration, clutch, gears and brakes. The usual parking troubles. The daunting moment when you don’t know the rules and a cop starts following you.

Well, we all know the fears. Because, we’ve all been there. And for this reason, we are here to help you.

At Local Driving Academy, we make driving fun and easy for you. With our friendly instructors with all the patience in the world, we make sure that you don’t have to think twice before paddling the accelerator.

That’s how we ensure none of our students is nervous and is able to learn easily and efficiently.

Affordable Driving Lesson with Professional Instructor


As you look for driving lessons in Narre Warren, you may have a tough time finding an instructor who’s really good and affordable at the same time.


But don’t worry. We at Local Driving Academy got your back. Our professional driving instructors have spent years and years training students and turning them into proficient drivers.

We know how to teach you. We know how to help you park. We know how to help you be better and we know how to walk you through your driver’s license test. All you need to do is get in touch with us.

Learn from the Best Driving Instructor in Narre Warren


Starting off with driving can be a hassled up task. Paddling the accelerator correctly. Learning to coordinate between the clutch and accelerator. Training your mind to have patience on the road. And whatnot!


A good driving instructor is surely needed for this. And we provide you just that.

At Local Driving Academy we get you in touch with the best driving instructors of Narre Warren. They train you correctly, with all the patience so you don’t have to feel nervous. Instead, you can simply focus on driving better.

All you need to do is get in touch with us today and we’ll fix you a super-sweet deal.

We are offering the most affordable and cheapest driving lesson in Narre warren comparing to other Melbourne Driving Schools in Narre warren. Our variety of Lesson and Test packages suit best to all levels of Learner Drivers. These packages are designed for BeginnersIntermediate as well as Experience drivers. You can choose any of the Driving Lesson & Test Price Packages, designed into 4 different  frames;

Operating Hours


Our Melbourne Driving Instructors in Narre Warren available 7 days a week. We are also available for night driving sessions.


Our Office operating Hours 7.30am -7.30pm Monday to Saturday.

8.30am-5.30pm Sunday.

For Further Details call: 1300 508 588

                                       0455 889 588

You can Book your Driving Lesson and Test 24/7.

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