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Step 1

Journey Begins
For Driving

You are SIXTEEN! Congratulation! Now you can sit behind the Wheel. It is only steps away to get your Learner Permit.

Journey On Road

Awesome! You have your Learner Permit. VicRoads requires that a Learner driver, who is below 21 years of age, must complete 120 hours of supervised driving.

It Is Our Time To Stand Behind You. To our knowledge, Your Local Driving Academy is the ONLY driving school in Melbourne which offers a structural pathway for a Learner to become a Safe Driver.

Step 2
Follow Our Structural Pathways

First Time at
Driving Seat

JUST BEGINNERS Package is for those who NEVER drive in their life. We are committed to ensure your safe driving in ONLY 6 Driving Lessons.

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I Can Drive But
Still Nervous

This is an INTERMEDIATE level Package, which will make learners a confident driver. At the end of it, you will demonstrate high level of car control and safety driving.

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I Am About to Complete Learner Log Book

This EXPERIENCED Package aims to provide deep and wide experience regarding different conditions and level of difficulties. After completing this package with our friendly driving instructors, a learner driver will be able to drive safe and independently.

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I Am Ready For
Drive Test

TOUCH & PASS is the last step of structured pathway for becoming a solo driver. Our instructor will train you about VicRoads Rules, Test Routes, and other ultimate Test Tips throughout this package, which will guarantee your first time pass in drive test.

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