NDIS Supported Driving Lesson

Driving Independence with Your Local Driving Academy

Driving is a vital daily activity in Australia, providing the freedom to move independently for work and social engagements. It represents independence and personal identity but requires a blend of visual, physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities in a dynamic environment.

The Importance of Driving

Driving is a crucial skill that facilitates work, independence, and social connections with family and friends. However, conditions such as injury, illness, learning difficulties, or disabilities can affect driving capabilities and thus one’s independence.

The NDIS offers a pathway for Australians with disabilities to obtain a driver’s license. As a registered NDIS provider, Your Local Driving Academy a sister concern of Your Local Group PTY Ltd (Registration ID: 4-JFX5HJ8) supports you throughout this journey, offering top-notch driver training tailored to special-needs and rehabilitation. Our instructors are experienced in assisting individuals with a variety of special needs, including ASD, ADHD, CP, MS, motor neurone disease, anxiety, PTSD, intellectual disabilities, mental illness, developmental delays, ABI, and stroke.

Why Choose Your Local Driving Academy?

We guide you through the complexities of learning to drive within the NDIS framework, aiming to help you achieve independence. This process involves collaboration with OT driving assessors, health professionals, Plan Managers, Support Coordinators, and Local Area Coordinators. Whether you are an existing NDIS participant or seeking to join, our friendly team is ready for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your driving needs.

Funding Your Path to Independence

The NDIS understands that driving lessons are essential for many individuals seeking independence. To receive NDIS-supported driving lessons, it’s necessary to include ‘learning to drive’ as a goal in your NDIS Plan. Once your plan is approved, the NDIS can fund disabled driving lessons, aiding you from obtaining your learner’s permit to preparing for the driving test.

Specialized Driver Training for Various Needs

Driving with a disability might require additional or specialized support. To make the most of NDIS driver training, you need to demonstrate how your disability affects your driving ability. All drivers must meet specific medical fitness standards, covering sensory, cognitive, and motor functions. This is where specialized NDIS driver training is crucial, especially for conditions requiring tailored approaches, such as autism or learning disabilities.

Assessments and Support from NDIS Registered Instructors

Certain conditions may require an Occupational Therapy (OT) Driving Assessment to evaluate driving fitness. Our team of NDIS driving instructors is skilled at identifying necessary supports or vehicle modifications, crucial in helping you achieve your driving goals. For more information, Contact Your Local Driving Academy today or fill the Referral form to take the first step towards driving independence.