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Welcome to Your Local Driving Academy. We are a leading Melbourne-based driving school. Our driving instructors are experts in the field and offer the best driving lessons across Melbourne.

We are the only driving school in Melbourne that follows a structural framework for driving lessons. Our proven techniques ensure that our students become confident and safe drivers.

Being a renowned driving school, we can tailor driving lessons according to individual needs. We offer a wide range of lessons and driving test packages. All our packages are affordable.

Affordable Driving Lessons Melbourne

When it comes to affordable driving lessons in Melbourne, Your Local Driving Academy come out on the top.

We offer a variety of driving lesson packages, all at very affordable rates. Whatever your budget might be, we have a package that will adhere to it.

Professional Driving Instructor Melbourne

Each and every one of our instructors has been carefully selected. We adhere to the highest standards while choosing our driving instructors.

Our driving instructors are committed to provide you the best driving lessons. We believe in creating a positive learning environment, which enables our students to learn quickly.

We understand that every student is different. This is why our friendly instructors tailor the lessons to meet an individual’s needs. We are extremely patient and utilise progressive techniques.

We are equipped with dual pedal vehicles to ensure safety at all times.

“Your Local Driving Academy” is one of the Best Driving School in Melbourne to many people in and around Metropolitan city and suburbs. Since its inception in 2006 it has imparted affordable Driving Lessons to more than ten thousand drivers who have been able to obtain Driving licenses in Victoria. It mainly focuses on safe driving skills and makes the Learner Driver aware of updated traffic rules. To remain vigilant and overcome difficult situation is our main motto and we are Learner’s Log Book Specialist.

Your Local Driving Academy is the only Driving School in Melbourne that follows the Structural Framework for Driving Lessons. Our Driving Lessons include academic as well as practical knowledge so that they can attain license easily. We have different ranges of Lessons and Drive Test packages tailored for individual needs. These Cheap and Affordable Driving Lesson Packages are competitive and suit for most of the Melburnian.

Our Popular Lesson & Test Packages

Express Drive Test packages

Test Only $ 150
Test + 30 min Lesson $ 185
Test + 45 Minutes Lesson $ 195
Test + 60 Minutes Lesson $ 220

60 Minutes Lessons

1 Lesson $ 65
3 Lesson $ 195
5 Lesson $ 320
10 Lesson $ 630

90 Minutes Lessons

1 Lesson $ 97
2 Lesson $ 194
3 Lesson $ 290
5 Lesson $ 475

Journey Begins For Driving

You are SIXTEEN! Congratulations! Could you think how exciting would it be to sit behind the steering? It is only steps away to get your Learner Permit. A car learner permit allows you to drive a car on the road with an experienced driver while you are learning to drive.

Have you studied all four chapters of the Road to Solo Driving Handbook?

Have you Practiced Online Learner Practice Test?

Journey On Road

Awesome! You have got your Learner Permit. VicRoads rule requires a Learner driver, who is below 21 years of age, must complete 120 hours of supervised driving.

Don’t Worry!!Your Local Driving Academy is at your service. It is the ONLY driving school in Melbourne which offers a structural pathway for a Learner to become a Safe Driver.

First Time at Driving Seat

Are you a Novice Driver or has never had any experience of driving before? You can choose our Just BEGINNERS Package. It consists of only Six to Ten Driving Lessons which is enable you to drive Safely with your supervisor.

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I Can Drive But Still Nervous

Are you a nervous driver? Our INTERMEDIATE Level Package is tailored to suit you. This will make you a confident driver. At the end of this level, you will demonstrate high level of car control and ensure safety driving.

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I Am About to Complete Learner Log Book

Are you close to complete your LOG BOOK? Our EXPERIENCED Package is for you. This Package will enable you to have deep and wide experience on different conditions. After completing this package with our Friendly Driving Instructors, you will be able to drive safe and independently.

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I Am Ready For Drive Test

Are you ready for the DRIVE TEST? Our TOUCH & PASS Package is tailored for you.This is the last step of structured pathway to become a solo driver. Our instructor will train you about VicRoads Rules, Test Routes, and other Ultimate Driving Test Tips throughout this package, which will Guarantee your First time Pass in drive test.

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