Are you still Nervous?

Terrified in traffic?

Your Local Driving Academy is here for your service.

Our Intermediate package is tailored for you. This lesson Package is designed specially for the Nervous Driver. In every stage of human life, weakness arises due to lack of confidence. Driving car is also following the same theory. Our professional and friendly instructors help to build your mental confidence as well as driving strength on road.

Intermediate package covers different types of Parking and low speed maneuvers, improving the learner driver’s judgement & gap selection, create better observation & hazard response. At the end of this package Learner drivers will be able to demonstrate high level of car control and safety driving in complex and heavy traffic condition.

This is the second stage of our Structural Pathway of Driving Lesson. Every Learner has varying learning and mental capabilities. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our Intermediate package in two different time frames. This will ensure Learner Driver’s individual need.

Automatic 60

Number of Lessons 5, each lesson is 60 minutes

Total Price $ 320

Automatic 90

Number of Lessons 3, each lesson is 90 minutes

Total Price $ 290