Still confused with different road conditions?

Distracted by different road users?

Near to complete your Log Book?

Don’t Worry, our “Your local driving Academy” is there to make you an independent driver.

Our Experienced Package is for you. This Experienced package is specially designed for the driver who are almost ready to drive solo. Experience doesn’t come overnight. We divide experience in three categories such as; long time driving experience, Wide experience and Deep experience. Our Professional and friendly driving instructors help to achieve your wide and deep experience, so that you can drive safely and independently in different condition.

This Package improves Learners Hazard Perception Skills in complex road environment. It includes driving in heavy traffic and different weather condition. Our Safety tips and Strategies will help you to overcome different types of distractions on the road.

This is the third stage of our Structural Pathway of Driving Lesson. Every Learner has varying learning and mental capabilities. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our Experienced package in two different time frames. This will ensure Learner Driver’s individual need.

Automatic 60

Number of Lessons 5, each lesson is 60 minutes

Total Price $ 320

Automatic 90

Number of Lessons 3, each lesson is 90 minutes

Total Price $ 290