NDIS Supported Driving Lesson

NDIS will fund you to help learn driving, you must add learning to drive as a goal in your NDIS Plan.

If you need additional or specialized support to obtain your learner’s permit, firstly approve your NDIS Plan, that funding can help you to learn driving and pass the test.

Learning to drive is a common personal goal. Like a lot of other NIDS supports, you must meet several requirements, so it’s important that you are prepared to demonstrate how your disability is likely to impact on your ability to drive and/or learn to drive.

All drivers need to pass certain medical fitness requirements to be legally allowed to drive including:

Some conditions require an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment to determine your fitness for driving and whether any special conditions should apply (such as the need to wear glasses or drive a modified vehicle).

The assessment will also identify any supports or vehicle modifications that could help you to achieve your goal of getting on the road.

NDIS Registered Driving Instructor in Melbourne

Independence in Driving can be a huge step. It can give you freedom like visit friends or get to work without relying on someone else. Your Local Driving Academy is here for your support.

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments.

There are several steps involved in an OT Driving Assessment. While not all participants need to go through this process

Do you have your learner’s permit?

Yes. You must need learner’s permit before you sit get behind the wheel.

Have you got a medical report?

NO. Then OT assessor requires a medical report from a doctor stating you are medically fit to drive plus a list of any current medical conditions and medications.

Are you ready for Off-road assessment?

Yes. Your medical history, background, decision making ability and other skills related to driving will be considered. It also covers your knowledge of the road rules. Once assessor is satisfied, you can start driving lessons.

Driving lessons.

Your Local Driving Academy is ready to provide lessons to help you learn the necessary skills to drive safely. We are NDIS registered Driving Trainer. We can help you to learn with NDIS support.

Some lessons may be covered by the NDIS, such as establishing the skills to use a modified vehicle or if you require additional lessons to learn to drive due to your medical condition

Are you ready for On-Road Assessment?

The On-Road assessment is conducted in the person’s local area. The assessment is performed with Your Local Driving Academy Qualified Driving Instructor as well as the Driver Trained Occupational Therapist. The person drives a car in their local area to ensure that they can drive safely. A dual controlled car will be used during the assessment for the safety of all the occupants

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