Overseas License Changeover

Overseas License Equivalent

Victorian Driving Authority, VicRoads, recognizes international driving licenses of selected countries. Driving License holders of those selected countries are not required to take driving test.

List of selected countries are given below:

Austria, Germany, Isle of Man, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Canada (3), Guernsey, Japan, Singapore, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Jersey Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Malta (2), Sweden, Finland, UK, Netherlands (Holland), Switzerland, France, USA, Luxembourg

Driver experience recognized:

Driver Experiences of selected countries are recognized By Victorian Driving Authority-VicRoads. A license holder of 25 years or above from those countries can convert her/his car or motor cycle driver license into Victorian driving license.

List of selected countries are given below:

Bulgaria, Hong Kong (5), Lithuania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, Cyprus (4), Republic of Korea (South Korea), Romania, Taiwan, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia


(1) for licenses first issued on or after 1 April 1991

(2) for licenses first issued on or after 2 Jan 2004

(3) licenses from Ontario Canada must be surrendered and returned to the licensing authority.

(4) Must be accompanied by one of the following a Cypriot Passport or Cyprus Identity card or letter of verification from the Cyprus High Commission of Canberra

(5) The Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Rest of the world:

Other than the countries above, all must verify their Overseas Driving License first by VicRoads. Every license holder has to pass Learner’s Knowledge Test, Hazard Perception Test to sit for Final Driving Test.  

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